Books for the season

From Gobble, Gobble - published by Dawn Publications.
The forecast says we're getting our first snow tomorrow. Since this is Maine, and it's November, there's really nothing surprising about that. The change in seasons makes me think about seasonal picture books.
  Teachers and librarians are stars at sharing picture books that match the season, the weather and the holidays. Parents could do this at home, too. Sort through your child's collection. Pull out the books  that are especially great at specific times of year and tuck them away until it's time for them to shine. This will give these books a spotlight, and also declutter your bookshelves a bit. If you are more organized than I am, you could make a special mark or note on your calendar to remind you when to pull out these special books.
  When these "old friends" come out seasonally, you may also see that they are enjoyed for more years--even after your child has moved onto chapter books. Like looking at old photos, they can spark memories of special family times and experiences.

I will post a list of recommended picture books for Thanksgiving next week. Happy Reading!